Commitment as a matter of conviction.

We as a third and fourth generation family-based company are fully aware of our social responsibility. Social involvement is natural to our business. That is why we are dedicated supporters of a number of different regional and international projects. It is important to us that the organisations are unbureaucratic and transparent, think ahead to the long term and really want to make a difference. We have a personal connection with a number of projects, so that we have a direct view of the work and the results of our involvement. 


Here we would like to give a brief introduction to some of the projects and recommend them. 


Schulprojekt Burkina Faso.

Stay - Entwicklung die bleibt.

Innocence in danger.

Bürgerstiftung Waiblingen.

School project Burkina Faso.

With the construction of the Lycée Municipal Timo and Rixa de Thiou, the dream of Timo and Rixa Stetter is realized - to offer disadvantaged children a perspective. To help people - especially children - who do not have the same chances and opportunities as they do. They wanted to share their success with others. One thing in particular was important to them: education, as it is one of the highest goods a human being can possess. Education is not only important for the development of each individual person, but above all for the development of society and its continued existence.


Information about the project.



Stay - Development that stays.

Stay supports the social initiatives of local people, initially in Uganda, according to the motto "development without development workers". The core of the innovative project is the network "LATEK Stay Alliance Uganda", facilitated by Stay, in which committed local people, so-called social entrepreneurs, join forces. Stay's vision is a self-determined and free life for all people. Through the campaign UNTERNEHMER FÜR UNTERNEHMER - STUTTGART, Strähle Raum-Systeme, together with many other companies, supports this pioneering project.


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