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Landmark 7, Hamburg

"Landmark 7" is a powerful new building which combines offices, sales areas and a photography and TV studio, all under one roof. The distinctive façade is dominated by fronted elements and has a floating appearance. The seven-floor building with about 2,500 square metres of space is the tallest structure, marking the new orientation point in the centre of the Phoenixhof. The building is stepped westwards from the courtyard in terraces. 


The structure of the complex enables modern office design to be implemented and combines high-quality interior and exterior spaces with roof terraces and balconies. 


The System 3400 partition wall system in the interior reflects the geometry of the façade and structures the individually designed rented office spaces. Without vertical posts, this variable all-glass system with single glazing combines maximum transparency and a high degree of economy. 


Solid door elements in oak veneer provide structure for the all-glass walls and a warm ambience.

Builder Wolfgang Essen KG
Architect hmarchitekten
Photographie www.janhaeselich.de
Partition systems 3400
Door systems solid doors

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