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OpenSpace Workplace, Ostwestfalen

The group's own training academy was redesigned by Haverkamp Interior Design. There are transitions between different communication zones, creating retreat areas and open spaces for communication. The System 2000 partition wall from Strähle separates the silent area, the meeting point and the lab from the open spaces. Warm colours provide accents to the dark wall surfaces and glass partition walls.


The System 2000 partition wall with double glazing combined with flush-fit 100 mm aluminium frame doors provides high sound insulation and transparency at the same time. It was implemented with anodised aluminium glass framing; black floor rails provide a vivid contrast. The patented mullion construction functions as the skeleton of this flexible, modular partition system. The elements are particularly easy to install as well as to swap or move around if requirements change. 


Decals on the glass panes provide visual privacy and at the same time a guidance system for staff. The result is a varied, creative office environment which harmoniously provides the space for all required tasks.

Builder Group of companies
Architect Interior architect: Haverkamp Interior Design
Photographie Joachim Grothus
Partition systems 2000
Door systems 100 mm aluminium frame doors

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