Icade Premier Haus, Munich

The revitalised complex, on which the French project developer ICADE in Munich built an urban ensemble consisting of four buildings, extends over two hectares. In 2011, Building No. 1 was awarded a gold certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The staggered façade is reminiscent of a chess board. It lights up in colours at night and screams precision, suspense and visibility – values that also define the interior of the building. Room structures of varying sizes for different work processes reflect the variety of the companies based here. The glass walls inside, like the façade, are as high as the ceiling. The dark surface of the profiles and the black adhesive result in an elegant interplay of inside and out.

Builder Icade
Architect Ganzer Hajek Unterholzner, Louvieaux
Photographie Werner Huthmacher
Partition systems 2000, 2300

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